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Why should YOU teach a Masterclass?

List Speaking as a Skill

You might be wanting to add speaking to your list of achievements.  CMK Business Ready Bootcamps is an educational program that will provide you that skill!

Give Back to the Business Community

What a great way to be a part of the next generation of Small Business Owners then to lead the way.  No one reaches success alone.  This is a great way to give back!

Product or Program Promotion

Most of our Instructors have a product or program they are wanting clients for.  Teaching business builders can be a way to funnel students into your program.  All students of the Masterclass will receive an email introduction to the instructor for continued resource.

Sponsorship Marketing

All Instructors of our Masterclass series will be listed as a sponsor of the Bootcamp they teach during.  Not too often are you presented an opportunity to be a sponsor through time commitment and not financial.  

Brand Recognition by Association

Have you seen our Masterclass line up?  Check out our Library of past classes, as well as our upcoming bootcamp lineup.  If you are looking to use the names of others, to lend credibility to your own brand, this is it!

Go Ahead and Apply!

By now the question should be, where do I sign up....  Fill out the following PDF Application and email it to

Important things to know.  All Instructors are paid half of the 'paid' registrations for each class they teach.  All Masterclasses cost a fee of $40 to $120, to non bootcamp students.  Recordings that are purchased from the Library for $30 to $60.  (Teachers receive half of future recordings purchased)  Classes will remain in the Library until that class is retaught or teacher requests the class be removed.  Teachers are expected to advertise their Masterclass with a minimum of 5 registrations.  Future classes may be taught for a fee, if minimum cannot be met.  (we offer a marketing class to all instructors to help achieve this minimum)  


Like what you see but have some questions before applying?

Thanks for submitting!
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