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Bootcamp Students

The following 3 reviews are from our bootcamp students.  We launched our bootcamp program in the fall of 2021.  We thank all of our students for trusting Connie and our amazing Masterclass instructors.  If you are looking to start your business career on the right foot, then build a solid foundation with our Business Ready Bootcamp!


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Tracy Trathen

"If you want to get UNSTUCK in your business or set your business up from the start for sucess - talk to Connie; she can help you if you're willing to listen and follow her advice. She's fantastic."

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Kristensen Designs

"This Bootcamp taught me I don't need to be on all social media platforms to be successful. I need to go where my clients are which is LinkedIn. It also taught me to prioritize myself over my business. I'm not a failure if I take an extra long lunch or a nap one day or two."

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Nan Kuhn 

Want to give a huge shout out to Connie, and CMK’s “Business Ready Bootcamp” program!   I started a new career in real estate over five years ago, and while I’ve been the student of some wonderful mastery classes and coaching, I had not been set up for success as a small business owner! Connie’s Bootcamp has actionable items in bite size pieces that will get you up, running, and profitable! (Oh my!) I never leave a session without a handful of golden nuggets to implement, and her resources run wide if you are in need of trusted partners.  I highly encourage anyone that is either starting a new business, or looking to revitalize their current one, to check this out! 

Thank You!

I have been blessed to work with some amazing clients over the years.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to come alongside so many amazing Small Business Owners and be a part of their business journey.  I will always be so very grateful!  ~ Connie M. Kreiser

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