Power Partner Circles

Power Partner Circles are created with 5-8 members within the SAME industry (Marketing, Health & Wellness, Finance and Business to Business).  The idea is that you are creating a referral sales team with those already sitting in front of your clients.

In most of today's networking you are sharing your business with individuals who's business has nothing to do in relations to yours.  That makes it a hard business to refer....unless you are IN the business of giving referrals.

PPC's make your networking time efficient and most definitely EFFECTIVE.

You'll share what you do with people who already share your passion and understand your business and the clients you serve.  Making them a GREAT referral sales team member for YOU.  

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Health & Wellness Networking Room

Connie Kreiser
Facilitator for Power Partner Circles


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Networking Room

Business to Bussiness Networking Room


Unlike other lead groups, you are only networking with those who will actually be in situations to refer you.  Power Partners are already talking to your potential clients about subjects that pertain to your passion.  Why waste time trying to network what you do with someone who will never be in front of your ideal client? 

hot leads

Because your Circle is made up of members that will refer you to their clients who already understand the value of your industry, these leads are not cold or even warm....they are red HOT!


Power Partner Circles skip the merry go round of introductions and go straight to the meat of the meeting.  Finding out how to work together to build solid referral opportunities.  Not the same week after week meeting regurgitation but rather business building solutions.

group support

Who knows how lonely it gets being a small business owner?

Your small Circle will grow to be very close and supportive.  You will learn exactly what is needed to help each other and the focused support will help you remain consistent, accountable and engaging