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CMK's Business Ready Bootcamp is for Startups and growing Small Businesses, to learn the foundation of a healthy small business start.  But what would that start be like, without learning from experts in various fields?  These experts are also resources to help take you where you want to go?

So look at this amazing line-up of Masterclasses.  Although FREE, to our Bootcamp students, they are available to anyone that wants to take them.  Sign up links, when available, will be under the individual class description.

From all of us here at CMK.... Cheers to you, for understanding the value of education and resources.  Your business will thank you!

Bootcamp Facilitator

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12 classes, with Connie, over 12 weeks

For a detail description of the bootcamp curriculum, please visit the BOOTCAMP PAGE

As an added benefit to the bootcamp, campers can take Masterclasses to enrich their learning.  But we don't limit these masterclasses to just bootcamp enrollees.  Sign up for as many as you would like!  Small Business Owners should ALWAYS be learning!

Coming this fall, Masterclass Series 2022

Carla Titus

Finance expert 

Amanda Bedell

Strategic Chaos Sorter

Tracy Trathen

Web & Design Expert


Financial Wealth Built from Within

We will cover how to keep more cash in the bank, pay yourself more and increase profits. We will answer questions live on everything from bookkeeping, accounting and finance to support your business growth and profitability. Business Budget for Profit • Business Budget Method • Read your Profit and Loss (PnL) • Cash Flow Management • Pricing 101 • Forecasting

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All Masterclass recordings are available for purchase!  Just click the photo of the class you would like to purchase.  All class purchases will get an email introduction to the instructor for your resource needs.

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