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To Mentor or Not To Mentor...

Once upon a time, there were two determined individuals ready to embark on a challenging journey—building their own businesses. Each of them faced the daunting task of climbing a metaphorical mountain, knowing it would be a difficult and uncertain road ahead. They were well aware that others might not understand their motivations, and doubts about their abilities would inevitably arise. However, they remained resolute in their decision to forge ahead, undeterred by the obstacles they might encounter.

The first business owner, whom we shall call the "Guided Entrepreneur," considered their options carefully. Recognizing their lack of experience and the unpredictable nature of the journey, they made a wise choice to seek guidance. Realizing that paying for a guide upfront might help them reach their goal more efficiently and potentially save them money in the long run, the Guided Entrepreneur embraced the idea of having a knowledgeable companion by their side.

The second business owner, referred to as the "Independent Entrepreneur," also faced the decision of whether to hire a guide. However, they had a different perspective. Although they acknowledged their lack of experience, the Independent Entrepreneur believed they could navigate the challenges on their own. They had conducted extensive research, watched numerous videos, and were confident they could handle any obstacles that came their way without the help of a guide.

As the entrepreneurs embarked on their journeys, they encountered the initial leg of the climb—a relatively easy path leading to the mountain's base. The Guided Entrepreneur expressed gratitude to their guide, appreciating the preparation and insights they had received. They understood that being well-prepared eliminated the need to worry about what lay ahead. Time was of the essence for them, as they recognized that every moment saved would contribute to their ultimate success.

The Guided Entrepreneur felt optimistic as well. They believed they had adequately equipped themselves for the journey through their extensive research and preparation. However, they soon encountered thickets along the way that blocked their progress. Realizing they needed to clear a path, the Guided Entrepreneur relied on their guide's expertise and special tools to navigate through the obstacle. Although it took them a day to overcome the thickets, they trusted the guide's reassurance that this minor setback would prove beneficial in the long run.

On the other hand, the Independent Entrepreneur encountered the same thickets but relied solely on their own resources. They pulled out a sickle they had purchased online, believing it would suffice for any challenges they faced. Unfortunately, the particular type of thicket they encountered required a specialized blade, and the Independent Entrepreneur struggled for two days to make their way through.

After overcoming the challenging thickets, the path opened up, offering a slight incline and relief from further obstacles. The Guided Entrepreneur acknowledged the significance of their guide's support during the arduous journey. They appreciated the guide's advice on making appropriate purchases, which ultimately saved them time and money. The guide also emphasized the importance of pacing oneself, which allowed the Guided Entrepreneur to rest, reflect, and discuss upcoming challenges, ensuring they remained well-prepared for what lay ahead.

Meanwhile, the Independent Entrepreneur felt exhausted after the ordeal with the thickets. Doubts began to creep in, questioning whether the journey was worth the effort. Fatigued, they decided to take a nap, assuming that the upcoming sections would be easier to navigate and that pacing themselves was a prudent choice.

The story leaves our characters at the foot of the final obstacle—a towering rock wall that stands between them and their goal. The Guided Entrepreneur feels confident, bolstered by the guide's assurance that they are prepared for this moment. They trust themselves to implement the knowledge gained during their journey. With the guide's help, they secure their harness and prepare to cross the crevice that lies ahead. They know that once they conquer this challenge, they will reach the pinnacle of success they have been striving for.

In contrast, the Independent Entrepreneur faces a moment of doubt. Staring at the intimidating wall of rock, they question their decision to undertake this journey alone. Concerns about the reliability of their equipment and the consequences of a potential fall grip their thoughts. Uncertainty lingers as they contemplate whether their self-acquired knowledge will be enough to overcome this final hurdle.

At this point, the story pauses, leaving the outcome unknown. Did both entrepreneurs ultimately achieve success? The Guided Entrepreneur had a significant head start due to the benefits of having a guide, but what did the Independent Entrepreneur's self-reliance cost them in terms of extra resources and time? Were they truly able to save money by forgoing assistance?

Now it is your turn to reflect on which type of business builder you are. Are you the Guided Entrepreneur, recognizing the value of mentors and coaches to accompany you on your journey to business success? Or do you relate more to the Independent Entrepreneur, believing in your ability to figure things out on your own?

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