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I've been in business since 2014.  I have built a stand-alone, specialty business with NO templet or training program.  By now I have experienced MOST of the roadblocks a business might come up against and have resolved them to move forward with success.


I'm ready to help YOU reach the success you desire.  Are YOU ready?

I warn you.  When you have a roadblock in your business, we address it.  This could be an emotional interference that needs to be addressed, or maybe it's a financial roadblock?  Your successful journey comes from consistent accountability.  

So how do we do this?  I offer hourly consulting.  We start the discussion, and you decide how much of my help you need.  We can create a plan to overcome a roadblock you have.  My hourly rate is $85.  I will do a two hour consult for $125.

I always email you some set up questions prior to our sessions to insure we get value out of our time together.  Equally I will send a follow up email to either share resources we discussed or just to confirm what it is that needs to be done and what the accountability check will be.  Yes, I always schedule a future follow up check in!

Bottom line is, YOU are not alone.  CMK is always here to help!

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