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Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake

She Only Came for the Cake!

Chellsee Gould has had a life full of life.  As a mortgage lendor that works hard for her money she knows the reality of putting yourself out there for success.  Chellsee's insights are insightful and will help you understand that, at times, she only came for the cake!

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Chellsee Gould - Host

Chellsee Gould is a hard working woman in the Mortgage Lending World.  She's also the mother of a teenage 'girl'.  We've all been there, right.  Chellsee has lived a life that most of us are grateful it's not OUR story.  Why a podcast for her?  She has a LOT to share that could help you change your perspective and find a little more hope, a little more happiness and a little more success.  That and she is a LOT of fun.  

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