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"Get Your Business Ready" Bootcamp


Let’s face it, it takes a special kind of special, to make the decision to junk the ‘clock in clock out’ option for the ‘be up all night, think about it all day, struggle to pay bills, freedom to achieve the impossible or just follow the dream’ job.  


It is definitely the scenario of once you become a ‘builder’ you cannot go back to ‘follower’.  So….In this current situation of no ‘start-up’ template to follow, how does one START a business?  How do you RUN a business?  What do you need to DO to run a business?  By the end of this bootcamp you will KNOW how to RUN a BUSINESS.  YOUR business and YOU will succeed.


So take a moment to shake your head free of your current beliefs in what you think you do to run a business and be open to hear all we are about to teach you so you can start this adventure off with the right foundation and shave years off your learning curve.  YEARS!!  


Oh and while you are at it, pat yourself on the back!  Because YOU are a brave MO FO to take on the concept of business building and then step by signing up for this bootcamp!  


I’ m excited to see you achieve your dreams….


Let’s do this!



Thank you to Tracy Trathen with e design studios and Alyssa Dodge with AD Processing for sponsoring this bootcamp and working together with CMK to provide next level service, instruction and customer care.  

We truly desire your business success!

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This Business Ready Bootcamp is 12 weeks long with the following schedule!

  • Week 1

    • Create your Business Binder​

      • You will receive the inserts and tabs to create your own business binder.​  In it you will organize your business information like licensing, branding colors, banking information and so on.  Organizing your business information is key to being foundationally set.

  • Week 2 & 3

    • Create your Vendor list.  ​

      • Vendor's are anyone you hire to help run the day to day operation of your business.  In the beginning you may play the role of many of these vendor's, but when success starts to fall on you, it will be time to pass the torch to the professionals.  We create your tailored vendor list with resources.  Knowing you have this already figured out and set up will give you piece of mind as your business is growing!​

  • Week 4, 5 & 6

    • Calculate your Confidence

      • We will walk through an emotional assessment to determine your job readiness.  Sometimes we have emotional strongholds we must let go of to reach success in business.  Confidence is key to a successful and easier sale.​

  • Week 7, 8. 9 & 10

    • Sales to Sell​

      • Most small businesses have no clue on how to sell.  We will go over how to be a salesman for yourself, how to market yourself, as well as where to market yourself.  Most small business owners struggle with this part the most, so we give it a little more attention!

  • Week 11 & 12

    • Organized Maintenance​

      • Now that you have learned so much about building some fundamental business blocks....let me teach you how to manage this garden of planted seeds.   We want you to be able to implement and overcome all obstacles that you will encounter.  This training will put you over the top with knowledge and understanding.​

This Social Media Bootcamp is 6 weeks long with the following schedule!

  • Week 1

    • Facebook

  • Week 2 

    • Instagram  ​

  • Week 3

    • LinkedIn

  • Week 4

    • Alignable

  • Week 5

    • Twitter

  • Week 6

    • Recap and Q&A​

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Welcome to CMK
"Online Marketing" Bootcamp

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