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Welcome to CMK
"Get Your Business Ready"

What To Expect?

You are signing up for 12 weeks of instruction.  Camps are held on Tuesday's at 1pm, Thursday's at 1pm or Saturdays at 11am.  We will meet virtually to discuss the following 12 topics!

  1. Build Your Binder!  What's in a business binder?  Being organized is a huge foundational MUST to being a 'legit' BUSINESS!

  2. Let's Talk Vendors! Who's on your vendor list?   What can you expect and what's the time frame you'll need to hire them?

  3. Creating Affective Interviews!  Don't get stuck on the hamster wheel of networking!  How to execute successful meet and greets and interviews.  Network with intention!

  4. Identify Yourself!  Let's talk the 3 different kinds of confidence.  Which ones do you possess and what needs work? How does one, really, build confidence?  What's available to you as good resources for this?

  5. Resources to Build Confidence!  Authentic is a word everyone throws around these days....but what does it really mean to YOU and your brand?

  6. Capture Your 'true' Authenticity!  The dictionary definition and the popular definition creates a conflicted understanding of the word.  We poke at the perceived meaning and uncover the real meaning for you and your business.

  7. What is Your Message?  What is your message?  What do you want to be known for?  How do you build that into your brand making things like elevator pitches a breeze?

  8. Who and Where are your customers?  The best way to win at marketing is to know who and where your customers are!  The answer may not be what you think!

  9. Process Mapping!  Create your own business process map.  Don't wing anything.  Map it out!  We show you how!

  10. Selling The Close!  Bring it home with THE close.  Selling has changed over the years and what worked 4 years ago, doesn't work now!  Learn what DOES work! 

  11. Which Coach When?  Before you hire ANY coaches, you will want to hear this! 

  12. Continued Education! Not all business are 'expected' to complete continued education.  We talk about how you can be proactive to insure your business is staying current! 


GRADUATION!  We will have a graduation online.   Invited our our students, masterclass instrcutors and networkers.  Those who cannot be in attendance will be shared by video! 

Along with your 12 weeks of instruction you will have access to our Masterclasses!  FOR 12 MONTHS.  Yes, you heard that right!  All Masterclasses are available to you at no additional cost, as a benefit of the Bootcamp (valued at a minimum of $400)

You will also get 6 months of CMK's Business Builders Club.  You will get listed in a business directory, shared on social pages owned by CMK, First Refusal for segments on The Small Business Life Podcast and YourTube Channel.  You'll also get business classes and support!

Interested in Joining the next Bootcamp, but not ready to sign up?

Fill out the form so I can send you more information.  You are going to love what these Bootcamps will do for your business.  

See you soon!

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