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We are an extraordinary group of Collabopreneurs, Business Owners and Professional Leaders.  We know that to truly succeed we need to implement accountability.  It's not good enough to KNOW what you should do.  It's more important that we are DOING what needs to be done.  It's truly great to not be doing it alone.

Each month you have access to:

  • One Hour of Business Consulting with CMK 

  • Accountability Check-ins.  Members will get to choose up to two areas to create good habits around.  Marketing, Finance, Sales and Operations.  This is a 6 month's program.  So in one year you can create foundational habits for great success.

  • Business Book Club.  It's time to finish all those books you purchased to read.  We will include discussions, building a strong perception and understanding.

  • Access to CMK Advisory Board Professionals.  There is high value in being willing to be critiqued to do better.

  • In person Social Media Use Workshop for those in the Portland Metro that wish to learn how to affectively use social media apps on devices.

  • Monthly Q&A meetings with five cornerstone businesses to keep your structural departments sound and moving in the right direction!  UP

  • Weekly Member Meetings on zoom.  Learn CLUB updates, meet new people through guests that are invited and take part in a new discussion each week!

Devi Moss

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Member of CMK since 2017

Teaches Masterclasses

Accountability Corners are Marketing and Development.

"Connie helped me with my first FB live.  Literally opened up a live on my phone and we went for it.  Now I'm empowered to do them on a regular basis.  Having that kind of side by side support is priceless"

Devi Head shot.PNG

Nan Kuhn

Real Estate Professional

The Trusted Real Estate Group

Premier Property Group, LLC

Accountability Corners are Marketing and Operations.

Nan is a professional that knows if she wants to provide excellent service to her clients she must be the best she can be.  All Business Owners have areas of business building they just don't enjoy doing. CMK helps her check DONE!

Head Shot Current - Copy.jpg

Amanda Bedell

Business Chaos Sorter at

BCC Business Consulting

Co-Auther of "Ready Connect Grow"

Accountability Corner is Development

Amanda is a fellow consultant that understands that just because we are 'coaches/consultants' that doesn't mean we don't need collaborations and support!  Amanda is creating an AMAZING weekend retreat for High Level Achievers in Business.  I can't WAIT to share that with you!

Amanda Bedell Snipit shot.PNG

Linda Smith

Professional Pianist with 

Notes of Celebration

Accountability Corners is Finance

I appreciate Linda's level of participation in the activities that will help her business be the best it can be through her experience and dedication.

She is the epitome of excellence and grace and an example of the true heart of small business ownership!

Linda Smith notes headshot.PNG

How Can I help YOU?

  • Let me help you change the perspective you are stuck in.  I consult business owners with everything from networking to confidence, opinion and direction.  Don't build your business alone, let me help you along the way.

  • Enroll in an upcoming Bootcamp.  During our 12-week bootcamp, I will teach you on 12 topics I believe make or break a business's start.  You'll also be taking Virtual Masterclasses with other professionals that can expand on business building topics.   This includes Automatic enrollment in our Business Builders Club for 6 months!  (Valued at $599.94) 

  • Become a member of the CMK Business Builders (Accountability) CLUB.  -With your membership you will receive

------->One hour consult, each month with CMK

------->Access to business advisors to help you make better decisions along your building journey.  They can perform an assessment for qualifying businesses

------->Weekly Accountability Check-ins.  Members can choose up to 2 areas to work on in their business.  Choosing from Marketing, Finance, Sales and Operations.  In 12 months, you can have great habits, in all four areas, ensuring your business success!

------->Business Book Club.  Have you ever struggled with finishing books you start?  In our Club we will keep each other accountable AND we will gain knowledge through discussion.

------->Weekly CLUB meetings.  

------->Once a month Q&A's with Business Support Vendors.  Everyone from CPA to Marketers to Coaches.  Bring your questions, get unique support.

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