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We are an extraordinary group of Collabopreneurs, Business Owners and Professional Leaders.  We know that to truly succeed we need to implement accountability.  It's not good enough to KNOW what you should do.  It's more important that we are DOING what needs to be done.  It's truly great to not be doing it alone.

Each month you have access to:

  • One Hour of Business Consulting with CMK 

  • Accountability Check-ins.  Members will get to choose up to two areas to create good habits around.  Marketing, Finance, Sales and Operations.  This is a 6 month's program.  So in one year you can create foundational habits for great success.

  • Business Book Club.  It's time to finish all those books you purchased to read.  We will include discussions, building a strong perception and understanding.

  • Access to CMK Advisory Board Professionals.  There is high value in being willing to be critiqued to do better.

  • In person Social Media Use Workshop for those in the Portland Metro that wish to learn how to affectively use social media apps on devices.

  • Monthly Q&A meetings with five cornerstone businesses to keep your structural departments sound and moving in the right direction!  UP

  • Weekly Member Meetings on zoom.  Learn CLUB updates, meet new people through guests that are invited and take part in a new discussion each week!


Holiday Sale


You can get 12 months at this price, cancel anytime

Sale is good through January 15th.  Don't miss out on a great deal!

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