CMK Connects is all about connecting you to what you need to grow your business locally.  We bring to you lead referral networking through Power Partner Circles, After hours collaboration networking through Net & Learns and fun opportunities to share local small business and current trends through Real Talk with CMK.

Connie Kreiser

Founder of CMK Connections, CMK Connects and Time to Make Changes 

Connie is focused on providing quality services to local startups and small business entrepreneurs.  She offers her direction through consulting and marketing.  (cmkconnections.com) Operates the Power Partner Circles and is a host on The Connie & Lenny Show.  

Jenni Holman

Owner of Leora Organization & Re-Design

Jenni is brilliant in helping you personally and professionally, get organized.  Both externally AND internally.  She is currently a Facilitator for our Power Partner Circles and a trainer for Net & Learns.  She is passionate about seeing others succeed!

Heather Morrison

Owner of Bold Beyond Belief

Heather is a Business Coach, Mindset Mentor and Confidence Crusader.  She is dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs charge forward Fearlessly with Clarity and Confidence.  You will find her Facilitating Power Partner Circle Networking.

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