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Shop Small / Buy Local.  Those four words have become a very popular social plight.  Valuing the products and services of those brave enough to explore Small Business Ownership.  

But what's it like to own a small business?  Is there a templet to follow?  Should you take out a loan?  Do you need a license?  How do you get customers? Will you need a store front?  

Are you 'emotionally' ready to be a business owner?

How does social media play into a successful business?

I've worked with so many clients over the years asking EXACTLY these questions and so many more.  The bottom line is this, your city needs a healthy and thriving small business community.  

Pandemics devour small business.  We have seen the devastating effects on families that count on these small  businesses.  

My Job is to make sure EVERYONE seeking to start a business or improve one, has access to adequate connection, resources, education, accountability and real support to make it.  ~ Let's work together! 

Tired of not finishing those great business books?

Want more accountability and feedback?

Want an opportunity to meet Authors to discuss what you have learned?

Our Business Bookclub is FREE to CMK CLUB members but fear not....YOU can join our Bookclub for only $15 a Book.  

First Business Book will be The 3-Minute Rule by Brant Pinvidic.  Read will Start February 7th.

Won't you join us and create more accountability in your business reading goals?

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